Minnesota History Center Wedding | Megan + Ben

Feb 1, 2016

‘I love you,

not only for what you are—

but for what I am

when I am with you.

I love you,

not only for what

you have made of yourself—

but for what

you are making of me.’

The truth in being your self always shines. Most importantly, it shines in the love you share for those around you. I am learning first hand through photographing love stories, that the beauty in being your truest self will always win, and will certainly always win the hearts of all those around you.

Megan and Ben share this presence that lifts others and makes others smile. Their love and generosity outpours and their care for others is so strong. Having known Megan (and that beautiful smile of hers) since we were youngsters, I knew that this day was going to be incredible and perfect in every way.

Saturday was one of the coldest days of the year, but Megan and Ben’s love warmed everyone’s hearts. The love and life between these two was a true honor to capture and a grand celebration. The day moved seamlessly. It started with beautiful sunshine, time spent with their friends, handwritten letters to each other, then pre-ceremony celebration drinks at the bride and grooms favorite restaurant, Louis Ristorante in Downtown St Paul. Many smiles, hand warmers, fur coats and laughs were shared.

From the moment I joined the wedding party I couldn’t stop smiling. They were all so happy to be celebrating the Vathing Vows. (let’s be honest, I was too!) What an incredible group of friends they have and how special I felt as part of the Johnny-Bennie college crew, (even just for the day.) 😉 Bridal party portraits outside in record negative temps?! Yup, they all rocked it and we had a blast.

Following the crisp sunset; friends and family gathered at the famous MN History Center in Downtown St Paul. It was a beautiful ceremony, with words read by Ben’s Aunt that could not have been more perfect for their special day. Their love is genuine and it has been incredible to see them grow closer and continue their lives together. With their promise of a lifetime of joy, understanding, adventure, support, and faith, their vows echoed passionately throughout the MN History Center. To top off the day, college memories were shared, many toasts were made, and some unbeatable dance moves were danced. This celebration made for one memorable wedding day.

History was made on January 16, 2016. Megan and Ben added another important piece to their life story and their history together. It was a true blessing for myself and all to witness. Cheers to being a part of their history and to sharing in a part of their shining love! Love to you, Mr. and Mrs. Vathing!

–xo Rach

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Dress: Post Bridal // Shoes: Vince Camuto and Kate Spade // Ceremony & Venue: MN History Center

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