Minneapolis Merry Hour-The Very First!

Jun 26, 2017

The very first Minneapolis Merry Hour…an evening that we cannot wait to keep sharing with this world!

Sara Schultz is a world class traveler, a paper goods extraordinary, a positive light in all lives she touches, she exudes nothing but pure positivity, energy, fantastic ideas, and so much love.  She has been one of the greatest things to come into my business and life since we met a year or so ago as we collaborated on our dear friend’s book, Lessons From My Lunch Box. 

We love coffee dates and DONUTS…(never a meeting without donuts or coffee) and we often leave our meetings buzzed on coffee, new ideas and dreams that we ever imagined. One of which the very first Minneapolis Merry Hour was born. Sara approached me as a fellow creative colleague and business owner with a vision to connect with more women, learn from each other, have a space to be ourselves, share our dreams, worries, and passions. We really wanted to create and grow a community that we could all count on, regardless of where we are in each of our businesses and/or creative ventures and bring together women and like-minded lady bosses, to be together in a space of truth, inspiration and support.

It happened a little like this…

Sara: ‘Hey Rach, want to host this epic get together with good food, drinks, passionate business women and creatives?

Rach: ‘Umm…absolutely! (But I’m a little scared) Can we have some wine? Better yet, donuts?

Sara: (during our meetings with donuts) ‘What if you share your photog talents and you offer beautiful headshots to every lady that attends?! Maybe have a surprise guest speaker?!’

Rach: ‘Brilliant. *Cheers with a donut and coffee* this will be epic!’

Fast forward a few months after numerous photo shoots in the studio, connecting with incredible boss ladies, many insta story updates and posts, receiving incredible giveaway donations of vendors all over the US… and we SOLD OUT the very first Minneapolis Merry Hour. SAY WHAT?! Something that started over coffee and a donut, and Sara’s brilliant idea to bring ladies together + share my photog skills…and it was a night we both will never forget.

(So much so that we are releasing our NEXT Merry Hour this week! Don’t miss out and sign up for emails on Sara’s page, here!)

It was an evening of merry. An evening of connection. Truth. Vulnerability. Honesty. Celebration. And so much love. (PLUS we had some amazing GIVEAWAYS!) The lovely ladies of Fit Foodies Finds were our guest speakers and they shared their story and some pieces of advice and guidance on pursuing business dreams. They rocked it and were such a joy to have! We chatted over tasty Rosé and local craft beers and munched on delicious food by the lovely Molly of One Cook Co. The women who walked through the doors were creatives in the corporate world, bloggers, makers, coaches, fitness gurus, event planners, attorneys, photographers, bakers and caterers, (and more!), true BOSS LADIES FOR LIFE. I feel forever grateful to have met them all and love that we have created a support system and community that we can always count on.


Our Minneapolis Merry Hour goal: To create an environment and community to love each other hard, support each other more, and have a community to always count on. We believe in #communityovercompetition and in supporting others no matter where they are at in their business and life. We believe in lifting and supporting others and encouraging chasing dreams. 


Things I’ve learned: Always ask, hearing no is okay, but hearing yes is encouraging and exhilarating, speaking out in front of ladies is okay when you know that you’re not alone in this game of life, growing my supportive community bigger is always better, we are really not alone, rosé is better when sipping and chatting with fellow business ladies who are just as passionate and so so amazing, and that Sara is an incredible business partner, cheer leader, basically a do-it -aller and the biggest and wildest idea and dreamer, I know. I am forever changed because of these events and for Sara’s encouragement in making this happen.

It was better than we could have ever imagined and truth be told, if something scares you, then it will definitely be worth trying. 😉 Cheers to MORE Minneapolis Merry Hours and to growing our community of fellow boss ladies to be bigger and more amazing! Make sure to check out some of the evening’s happenings, Sara’s brilliant designs, lovely headshots, and all the merriment , below!

**PS There may be donuts next #MplsMerryHour evening…


Guest Speakers: Lee + Linley of Fit Foodie Finds
Grub: Molly of One Cook Catering
Flowers: Allison of Flower Child Farm
Jewelry Giveaway: The Makery
girl. T-shirts Giveaway: Jasmine Diane
Confetti Giveaway: Leonetti Confetti
LipSense Giveaway: Megan Manders
Arlee Park Gift Card Giveaway: Arlee Park
Blowout Giveaway: Ashley Anne Hair
Greeting Card Giveaway: Sara Schultz




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Guest Speakers: Lee + Linley of Fit Foodie Finds ||Grub: Molly of One Cook Catering|| Flowers: Allison of Flower Child Farm|| Jewelry Giveaway: The Makery|| girl. T-shirts Giveaway: Jasmine Diane|| Confetti Giveaway: Leonetti Confetti|| LipSense Giveaway: Megan Manders|| Arlee Park Gift Card Giveaway: Arlee Park|| Blowout Giveaway: Ashley Anne Hair || Greeting Card Giveaway: Sara Schultz

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