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Oct 5, 2015

Inhale…exhale………I have been fortunate enough to become a member of the Corepower Yoga community and family over the last four years. As a true yoga powerhouse in Minnesota it has grown to be an incredible part of many peoples every day lives. CPY has brought together individuals from all over, has nurtured true and unique relationships,  brought a whole new meaning to community and family and most importantly brought all of us to our mats to return to our breathe and soak in the beauty of each moment.//

Fellow yogis have grown to be some of my greatest friends, and I feel so lucky to know such incredible people. My dear friend Jen is a yoga instructor extraordinaire and has truly become a mentor,  cheerleader and a dear friend of mine through my time with Corepower Yoga. Her smile, strength, dedication to her community, love for yoga and the people in her life is a true honor to witness and be a part of. Her heart is out of this world and her smile a bright light always. As you can tell, I cannot say enough about her beauty inside and out! (She’s a babe. check out some photos below of the co-led class she taught with Molly at the Target Field.)

This summer she invited me to photograph one of the events CPY and MN Twins hosted at Target Field. Say what?! Yoga + photography, always a yes. We did yoga on the lawn of the Target Field (for free!) and every bit of it was awesome! 500+ yogi’s showed up ready to breathe, sweat and support each other in the amazing MN yoga community and I was there to capture it all. // Make sure to check out their website for updates on upcoming events around the cities! Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on any of these! Core power Yoga

// Yoga lifts me, amazes me, strengthens me and grounds me. My days are always a little bit brighter and my soul a little bit more enlightened. It is always a challenge for me but forever a positive part of my day. I challenge YOU ALL to find a place on your mat, a place to breathe, a space to return to when you need it most, or a moment each day for yourself.  //

Inhale…Exhale…breathe! Now enjoy some sunshine and yogi love.

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Yoga: Corepower Yoga Minnesota // Location: Target Field-Home of Minnesota Twins

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