Minnesota North Shore Engagement | Abby + Adam

Feb 25, 2016


If you have followed my work, you must likely know two very important things about me–I absolutely LOVE the North Shore and I adore LOVE. Put these two together and my world is complete.

Upon meeting Abby and Adam, I was immediately drawn in by their grace and love for each other. They share a mutual love for adventure, the North Shore, and are a very hardworking, strong loving couple. After meeting in college 5 years ago in Duluth, they have grown even closer together. Despite living and working in separate cities over 3 hours from each other, their love never fails. Adam a teacher in Duluth and Abby a nurse in Rochester. It is incredibly inspiring that they are doing life together from so far. It’s true what they say, distance only makes the heart grow fonder, and these two embody every bit of that.

I have a permanent smile on my face looking at all of these photos. I promise you will too. Thinking back to this beautiful day I spent with Abby and Adam on the North Shore gives me all the heart eyes, and then some. We started at their favorite brunch and coffee spot, Sara’s Table, in Duluth, MN (which is easily now a favorite spot of mine). We caught up over several cups of coffee and tasty pancakes and soup. We then ventured down along the shore where we *attempted* to climb over ice covered rocks, watched the cold crashing Lake Superior waves, and then walked through the forest. Every bit of their day was  wonderful and it definitely sets the tone for their beautiful wedding to be this summer.

I am looking forward to being a witness to their promise of life and love to each other and to capturing their special day! Now bring on the sunshine and warm July temps, July 23 will surely be a day to remember! I hope you enjoy these photos! Yep, I will now be moving to the North Shore.


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